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Big audiobook dynamite news!

put some horror in yer headphones

put some horror in yer headphones!

Big news today – my publisher Samhain Horror signed a deal with Audio Realms who will produce audiobooks of The Lamplighters, The Lucifer Glass, The Jack in the Green, and the forthcoming The Skintakers for release in 2015.

Audio Realms has released horror audios by the likes of Brian Keene, Ramsey Campbell, H.P. Lovecraft, Bram Stoker and many more – so to say I’m thrilled about the deal is a bit of an understatement!

More details as I get them.

(Sadly, Vincent Price is not available for narration duties. I don’t get to choose who performs the reading, but if I could my shortlist would be Doug Bradley, Robert Englund or…Christopher Lee!)


New novel ‘The Jack in the Green’ out today in ebook & paperback!

The Jack in the Green‘ release day is upon us dear f(r)iends.

To celebrate the release of my new Samhain Horror novel I’ll be posting an extract over at the Samhain Cafe, giving away a paperback copy on Goodreads, and signing books at the British Fantasy Society open night book launch party in London.

I hope you’ll pick up the novel, and if you do I’d love to hear what you think of it on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon etc.

Meanwhile, here’s a tune to wish you all a green day before Jack puts out the light…


“An intriguing tale filled with genuine horror and a plot that explores some very dark territory…” Horror Novel Reviews

Everything’s gone green: using a mood board

I think visually, so when it comes to writing a new novel a mood board is an essential I can’t do without. Lucky for me there’s so much foliage around these parts, as when the time came to draft my new Samhain Horror novel ‘The Jack in the Green‘ (out in paperback and ebook, October 1st) I found inspiration during every stroll.

Some of the images made it straight into the text (readers of ‘The Jack in the Green’ will know the importance that trees joined at their roots have in the overall story), while others simply served to get me in the mood before writing. Like music (or in my case in addition to music) an evocative image can help fast-track you into your writing process. And, as was the case with many of the images included in the gallery below, I occasionally got lost inside of them.

I hope if you pick up my new book that you’ll enjoy getting lost in those forests too.

Just watch out for ‘The Jack in the Green’. “He’s in the trees…he’s waiting.”


Horror Novel Reviews: The Jack in the Green

The 1st review of my new novel for Samhain Horror ‘The Jack in the Green’ is in – and it’s a goody!

Here’s a snippet:

I found myself completely wrapped up in this one, eager to reach conclusion and receive a few answers to my mounting questions. With a fine razor edge twist, Lee carries this story into a fully fleshed out novel.

Satisfaction is found within this read. So when all is said and done I am highly recommending this one. Be ready for what you really aren’t ready for. Whatever you do, do not read the ending first. Open this and enjoy.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

 You can read the full review here, and pre-order the book (out October 1st 2013) here.

My thanks to Horror Novel Reviews for taking the time!
Cheers, Frazer x

The Jack in the Green: Book Giveaway

The postman came a-callin’ today with a big box o’ books, and I knew it was that George McFly ‘Back to the Future’ moment as I tore into it and saw the Samhain Horror logo peeking out from a gap in the cardboard. It’s an undeniably good feeling to hold your new book in your hands and sniff the pages. If it ever stops being so, it’s probably time to hang up the pen.

Yes, my author copies of ‘The Jack in the Green‘ had arrived. Aren’t they handsome?

There are only 10 of these author copies in existence and you can grab one by entering the Goodreads Giveaway.

And I hope you’ll check out the book anyhow when it releases on Oct 1st in ebook and paperback.

He’s in the trees. He’s waiting…


The Lucifer Glass – unofficial soundtrack blog post #1 (of 6)

It’s release day for The Lucifer Glass!

In celebration, I’m posting a series of tunes that make up the ‘unofficial soundtrack’ for the novella.

So raise a glass with me and turn the volume up to 13.


Track #1 – We’ve all been there. Down at the crossroads, tempting fate. Daniel Gates certainly has. And perhaps will again.

The Lucifer Glass is published today. To read an excerpt, click here.



First Review: The Lucifer Glass

The first review of my Samhain Horror occult novella ‘The Lucifer Glass‘ is in, and it’s a beauty.

Here’s a snippet:

Confident, collected and entertaining, The Lucifer Glass is a page-turner, and it will be very interesting to see where we go from here. As the first entrant in a new series, it promises great things indeed, and lovers of occult horror should take the chance to support the series from the get-go.

Go, now, to Brutal As Hell where lovely and talented reviewer Keri O’Shea has yet more awesome things to say about the book.

My thanks to Keri and all at BAH.

(The Lucifer Glass is out June 4th 2013 in ebook.
Pre-order from the Samhain Store and get 30% off.)



‘It May Cost You Your Soul’


My new Samhain Horror novella The Lucifer Glass is released in just one month, and I can now reveal the synopsis for the book which is available to pre-order through Amazon.

Check out the synopsis and an exclusive extract at The Lucifer Glass page.

But be warned – it may cost you your soul.

So Much to See When Darkness Calls

Thrilled to announce my short story ‘So Much to See’ will be included in ‘When Darkness Calls’ from Screaming Spires Publishing. My thanks to Emma Audsley for including the tale.

‘When Darkness Calls’ is a charity anthology in support of a special needs school in Cheshire and Autism Awareness, two very good causes.

It’s an honour to be included with such amazing authors (including genre legends Ramsey Campbell and Graham Masterton)  – you can check out the full line up here.

A sneaky peek at the cover art (by the insanely talented Daniele Serra) is below.

I for one cannot wait to devour all of these dark tales when the book is released!


copyright Screaming Spires

‘A Nightmare Made Real’

The Jack in the Green Frazer Lee

The October 1st 2013 release date for my new Samhain Horror novel The Jack in the Green is a long way off, but I can now reveal the synopsis for the book which is also available to pre-order through

Check out the synopsis and link at The Jack in the Green page.

Happy nightmares!


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