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Panic Button: USA dvd cover art & release date

My debut feature film (screenwriter) Panic Button is unleashed on DVD in USA/Canada April 22nd 2014 from Phase 4 Films.

Pre-order PANIC BUTTON – Region 1 USA DVD here.

And the Canadian DVD release of PANIC BUTTON here.

(note: the distributor has the release date set for April 22nd, Amazon currently has the slightly later street date of May 13th)

Here’s the cover art:
panic button dvd usa region 1

‘Panic Button’ is also available on DVD/Blu-ray in the UK, Germany, Australia, Japan and more.
Check out my Facebook Page for a gallery of Panic Button cover art from around the world – which is your favourite cover?

What the critics say – praise for ‘Panic Button’:
“The best British horror in years” ☆☆☆☆ (Adam Stephen Kelly, Ain’t It Cool News)
“The Social Network of Shocks” ☆☆☆☆ (Alan Jones, Film4 Frightfest)
“This is British horror at its bloody best” ☆☆☆☆ (Sky Movies)
“Nail-bitingly terrifying” ☆☆☆☆☆ (Abertoir Film Festival)
“Just excellent” ☆☆☆☆ (Screenjabber)
“Totally terrifying!” (Billy Chainsaw, Shock Horror)

October Appearances

Thrilled to announce I will be speaking at this year’s London Screenwriters’ Festival (October 26-28) It’s an honour to be part of such a cool line-up.

I am also putting together the first ever UK Samhain Horror event, to be held in London on the same weekend and which promises to be very special indeed.

More details on both events nearer the time!


30% off The Lamplighters, 100% off Panic Button, and other news!

For a limited time only (’til Witching Hour Feb 29th), get your copy of The Lamplighters at 30% off from the Samhain Horror Store. Enter code FIRSTBOOK at checkout.

Thanks to all at Samhain Publishing for running this awesome banner ad on the publisher homepage!

The Panic Button movie novelization (Kindle/ebook edition) is FREE for 3 days starting today. Grab yours at /

Hope you enjoy reading them – and please give The Lamplighters and Panic Button a Rating / Review at Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever you post about books. Help spread the word! Thanks!

Other news:

The horror web is buzzing with the news about the Bram Stoker Award nominations. It is a great honor to be included in the list with so many fine authors and works. Check out the full list of nominees here. Yahoo! News, and others, ran a piece on Samhain’s 2012 line-up with quotes from editor Don D’Auria and a focus on the Stoker Awards / World Horror Convention.

Samhain Publishing unveiled its first Times Square Jumbotron ad this week including, i’m delighted to say, the cover of The Lamplighters! For those who don’t know what a ‘Jumbotron’ is, it’s a massive screen at One Times Square in New York that reaches a potential half a million pairs of eyeballs every day. Click here for the full story and get a sneak peek at the ad itself on Youtube:

Samhain Publishing One Times Square Jumbotron ad

Dreadcentral gave The Lamplighters a 4.5/5 rave review, go here to check out the latest press quotes about the book.

Digital Journal says The Lamplighters and Panic Button are ‘mind-frightening horror releases of 2012′. Click here to find out why.

Last but not least, don’t forget to vote for your Samhain favorites in the Sammies. The categories requiring reader votes are:

  • Reader’s Choice Best Cover Art eBooks 2011
  • Reader’s Choice Best Cover Art Print Books 2011
  • Reader’s Choice Best eBook 2011
  • Reader’s Choice Best Print Book 2012

The Sammie Awards ceremony will take place at the Samhain Publishing Cafe, March 24th. Click here for instructions on how to vote and the voting form link.

Cheers for reading!

Countdown to The Lamplighters: 2 days

Today’s Lamplighters Countdown post is the opening chapter from my novel.

Dim the lights, grab a flagon of pumpkin juice and read on if you dare :)

And if after that your bloodlust isn’t sated, why not head on over to the Samhain Horror store, where you can read excerpts from all the currently available and upcoming titles.

Cheers for reading. ‘Til next slime, take scare!

Excerpt from ‘The Lamplighters':

Copyright © 2011 Frazer Lee
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

“It’s the greatest job in the world.”

Vera smiled as she said the words.

“All I have to do is turn on the damn lights, water the plants; a few chores…”

Static crackled in her ear — the phone line was lousy tonight.

“Are you still there?”

“Yes,” came the reply, “but I can hardly hear you. There’s a weird kind of… echo.”

“It’s Jessie’s uplink,” Vera chuckled, “We’re not really allowed to call anyone from the island…”

“Sorry… how… calling me?”

Christ, the line was getting choppy. Vera pressed the cordless handset closer to her ear, then checked herself.

“As if that’ll make any difference,” she said. Probably talking to herself now.

The crackling grew louder. She could still hear her friend’s voice, buried beneath layers of digital cacophony. A faint echo smothered by an avalanche of noise.

There was something else in the mix too; an ominous growling hum like the electricity pylons near her home. Berlin, so far away now. Even as she thought it, the hum grew; drowning out what little was left of her friend’s staccato tones.

And with a click, silence.

Scheiße,” she cursed, stabbing the redial button. The phone was completely dead. Hacking an outside line was a fine art, she appreciated that, but Jessie clearly needed some new software. And she’d be giving that little bag of smoke back too.

First things first. Vera put the handset in its cradle and headed for the kitchen. She walked over to the huge range in the centre of the room and ignited all four of the gas taps. Then, crouching on her haunches, she turned the oven on full blast. The expensive smoked glass oven door afforded her a look at her own reflection. Only a month on Meditrine Island and already she looked five years younger. Amazing. Gone were the dark grey shadows around her eyes – even her signature brittle dry hair had a new luster. Berlin could take care of itself, thanks very much. The island really was like a fountain of youth, she thought as she rose and crossed to the patio door.

Unclipping the latch, Vera had to use two hands to slide the glass behemoth open. Whoever owned this house had a serious heavy glass fetish. Stepping out into the night, her senses were flooded. The island’s fresh air was like no other; an intoxicating blend of jasmine and ocean spray. When she went back to the city, she’d have to remember to bottle and sell it.


Her quiet moment was suddenly blasted with fifteen hundred watts of raw security lighting as she stepped in front of the infrared sensors. She cursed the light for blinding her as she picked up the watering can, blinking away the white-hot glare. The light had brought the mosquitoes a-calling too. They whizzed around her as she dashed back into the kitchen.

Vera filled the watering can with cool, clear water at the bath-sized sink. This was the least tedious of her tasks – the plants were going to drink their fill tonight. Amidst such fabulous wealth, such meticulous order, it felt good that a mere backpacker could decide the fate of items so precious to their millionaire owners.

Millionaires? Billionaires, more likely.

She remembered Jessie’s sardonic voice from the first time they’d hung out together, gossiping about who owned these mansions; this island. But Vera didn’t really care who the owners were. That they were paying her handsomely to do a few chores was all she cared about. And the most strenuous chore was watering the plants. Easy money. “The job’s a doozy,” Jessie had giggled. ‘Doozy Jessie’ been working on the island longer than Vera and seemed to be going a little stir crazy…

As the water rose closer to the brim of the watering can, the security lights clicked off suddenly. Like everything else on the island they ran to a tight schedule, thought Vera. As she did so, milliseconds before the light bulbs faded, Vera saw something outside.

A figure.

She blinked twice, slow and firm. The ghost imprint of the blinding bulbs still there, forming crescent shaped black holes in her mind’s eye. Was there someone out there?

Vera blinked again, then swore furiously as liquid spilled onto her feet. Soaked, she closed the faucet and let the watering can rest in the sink unit. Shouldn’t have smoked that joint before coming up to the house, she thought, sounding for all the world like her mother. Scatterbrain, she used to call Vera whenever she lost the power to function normally; everyday tasks becoming impossibly hilarious missions. She still wondered if her mother had known her daughter was stoned, or if she simply believed her child was missing a neuron or two million.

The old clumsiness was really kicking in now, as she left little pools of water on the tiled floor on her way to the patio. Putting the can down (yet more spills) she grabbed the door handle and pulled with all her might.


The glass giant slid open easier this time. Vera bent down to pick up the can — then the smell hit her.

Something had invaded the envelope of jasmine and surf, corrupting the very night air with its presence. A hospital smell, harsh and synthetic, like the way her dentist smelled. She’d hated the dentist since she was a kid. Had he followed her here, to paradise, tracking her down after all these years to do all that work she had chickened out of? To tut and frown disapprovingly through his paper mask, noting her cannabis-stained enamel and ugly overbite?

She leaned out into the night air, her nostrils searching for the source of the stifling smell. It was mixed with something else now, like ripe leather.


He was standing right next to her, impossibly close. Vera’s heart blasted into her mouth, choking her scream. The source of the smell regarded her idly, his black eyes like camera lenses. Cold. Unforgiving.

Before she could react, Vera heard a swooshing sound. The smell of rubber gloves perversely filled her nostrils, pushing all the way back into her throat as if someone really had jammed two fingers up her nose. The intruder’s dark form was a monolith, burned into her eyes by the security lights.



The bulbs faded once more. Vera’s senses imploded as the sliding door crushed her skull against the alloy doorframe.


Swoosh, as the door slid back again.


Vera’s body jerked uselessly then fell still; her brains spattered across the cool, thick glass.

check out more horror fiction at


Countdown to The Lamplighters: 7 days

My horror novel ‘The Lamplighters‘ is out a week today on 1st November.

Thanks to all who have been pre-ordering the book it is currently #4 in Samhain Publishing’s Top 10 Horror Bestsellers.

To celebrate I’ve given the old website a bit of an overhaul – hope you like the new look?

Have a browse around and be sure to check out the special Lamplighters page, where you can read an excerpt from the book and find links to pre-order the book in all major ebook formats for your Kindle, Nook or other newfangled e-reader device.

Paperback (or as some are calling them now, ‘Treebooks’ – I love that name) aficionados please note The Lamplighters trade paperback is out on 7th February 2012.

I will be running a Halloween competition to win a freebie so make sure you drop by and ‘Like’ the official Facebook page to be in with a chance of winning!

The Lamplighters is published by Samhain Horror, which launched this month under the supervision of Editor (and genre legend) Don D’Auria with exciting releases from authors both established and new.

A few of the Samhainers (Kristopher Rufty, Jonathan Janz, Ron Malfi, Brian Moreland and Hunter Shea) got together and recorded a radio chat in which they discuss the process of writing, getting published, and what to expect next from them. It’s a fun and informative listen and you can check it out here.

‘Til next slime, take scare.

Panic Button: Film4 Frightfest red carpet video & stonking Screen Daily review

Check out this cool video featuring interviews with the main cast & director of Panic Button at its Film4 Frightfest World Premiere. SPOILER ALERT: pretty major plot spoiler occurs around 8 mins into the video -


Pleased as punch to report that Screen Daily features a review of ‘Panic Button’ by ‘Anno Dracula’ and Empire Magazine scribe Kim Newman. The review will soon disappear behind the Screen Daily premium content paywall, but meantime you can catch it here.

“(Panic Button) addresses its subject effectively, and may prompt some viewers to moderate online habits, but works primarily as a solid horror-thriller” (Kim Newman, Screen Daily)

That’s a keeper of a quote – thanks Kim!

Check out the Comments in my previous post (scroll down) for a ton of other reviews, mostly very positive indeed.

And don’t forget, ‘Panic Button’ hits UK DVD & Blu-ray November 7th thru UK distributor Showbox Films.


Also in November, my horror novel ‘The Lamplighters‘ will be unleashed via Samhain Horror.

My next post will include news on the Samhain Publishing horror novels line, which launches October with works from Ramsey Campbell, Hunter Shea, Krist Rufty, Brian Moreland and others.

I will have a couple of cool Samhain Horror exclusives for you in the run up to the launch, so stay tuned on this blog and at The Lamplighters Facebook Page

‘Til next slime, take scare!


Hot on the heels of my last post about ‘PANIC BUTTON’ (see Ain’t It Cool News review in previous blog entry below), distributor Showbox Media has released the DVD + Blu-ray disc artwork for the November 7th 2011 UK release.

the following extra features are listed on Amazon:

  • Trailer Gallery Trailer / Teaser 1 / Teaser 2 / Teaser 3
  • Short Film Fixed Penalty
  • Gag Reel
  • Outtake & Deleted Scenes – Outtake Jack Loses It / Deleted Scene 1/ Deleted Scene 2
  • Making of Featurette
  • Gallery
  • Blu-Ray exclusive: Panic Button documentary
Click here to pre-order the DVD 
and here for the Blu-ray (i may have to invest in a BR player especially!)
A few last tickets are available for the ‘Panic Button’ World Premiere at FrightFest tomorrow – if you’re there, be sure to say hi!

Reasons to love the 21st century: Dynamo Player

‘On Edge’ and ‘Red Lines’, my horror shorts starring Doug Bradley, are available to watch online through various outlets (and in varying levels of quality), which has helped build an audience and garner reviews – but without any revenue for the filmmaker.

Paying audiences purchased the full DVD version with extras (thank you!) and with the advent of VOD this material was also made available for online viewing via – but in the USA only.

Now comes Dynamo Player, referred to as a “game changer” by Guerilla Filmmaker’s Handbook entrepreneur Chris Jones (who also offers some good follow-up feedback and advice for filmmakers here and here). Basically, this new player enables filmmakers to rent out their movies and DVD extras as online “programs” viewable by anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world willing to pay less than a couple of bucks for the privilege. It remains to be seen whether or not the profit share scheme offered by such online players will achieve enough revenue for guys like me to fund new films with the proceeds – and that’s where you come in…
If you fancy checking out ‘On Edge’, ‘Red Lines’ and extras including an exclusive 17min on-set interview with Doug Bradley, follow THIS LINK (free preview available & if you rent, all the material is yours for 7 days).

Why should you rent? Good question :-) Here are some FAQs:

Q. Why should I rent? I can watch these movies on YouTube right?
A. Hopefully the extra features (including that cool 17min interview with Doug Bradley) will be enough of a draw for you. The video quality is better than on YouTube. And if enough people rent, the proceeds will go toward funding a new movie (& imagine how good you’ll feel about that :-)

Q. It’ll be a pain in the ass to pay though?
A. Nope, use your PayPal or Amazon account and you’re good to go.

Q. What if I have technical issues with Dynamo Player?
A. Get in touch with the Dynamo dudes at

Q. I’d rather not?
A. Damn your eyes! I mean I respect your decision, but… damn your eyes! ;-)

Let’s see if this really is an online game changer for indie filmmakers & their audiences – I welcome your comments on whether or not you’d be happy to rent this stuff online (assuming you’re not one of those kind people who purchased a DVD copy already) – and how it goes for you if you do take the plunge.

And as always, thanks for watching, wherever you are watching…


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