‘SIMONE’ hits Hollywood!

Short horror film SIMONE hits Hollywood at the Carnival of Darkness 2 film festival, October 2010. Congrats to director Joops Fragale, producer Michael Long, stars Jennifer Ward and Erin Cline – and the entire cast & crew. The film was adapted from my original screenplay ‘Hair of the Dog’ and is an atmospheric cautionary tale about the howling horrors of ‘the morning after the night before’…

Other confirmed upcoming screenings include Dark Mills Festival of Gothic Arts and Alternative Culture (September 2010, London UK) and Horrorfind Weekend Film Festival (September 2010, MD USA)

You can check out more from production company 386 Films at their official site, http://www.386films.com, which includes links to their Twitter & Facebook feeds for updates. Cheers!


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writer/director: On Edge, Red Lines, The Stay. screenwriter: Simone, Panic Button. bram stoker award nominated author: The Lamplighters, The Lucifer Glass, The Jack in the Green. http://www.frazerlee.com View all posts by frazerlee

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