ebook: Urbane and Other Horror Tales

My horror anthology ‘Urbane and Other Horror Tales’ is now published in an ebook edition via Smashwords.com.

Available in Kindle (.mobi), Stanza (Epub), Sony Reader (LRF), Palm and PDF formats. 

The ebook contains 8 tales, with 3 previously unpublished, including an exclusive flash fiction bonus story, ‘Half/Life’.

You can sample or purchase ($0.99) the ebook here: http://smashwords.com/b/21752.

If you like what you read, please spread the word to your friends, followers and networks, thanks!


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writer/director: On Edge, Red Lines, The Stay. screenwriter: Simone, Panic Button. bram stoker award nominated author: The Lamplighters, The Lucifer Glass, The Jack in the Green. http://www.frazerlee.com View all posts by frazerlee

2 responses to “ebook: Urbane and Other Horror Tales

  • Frazer Lee

    Reviewers Wanted!

    Grab your FREE REVIEW COPY here:
    go to http://smashwords.com/b/21752
    enter coupon code: PU59A
    (coupon expires Sept 20th).

    If you don't have an e-reader (hey, me neither) you can download for your PC/Mac. Please review the ebook on your blog/smashwords/goodreads, etc. Cheers!

  • Dauria

    Hello there!
    As I was fortunate enough to get this book (only signed paperback :)) for my birthday, may I be the first reviewer here? Beeing a fan of horror for years I couldn’t even expect to get something that would surprise and indulge me more. :))
    This anthology is a great pleasure to read, and I was really glad to read the original of “Urbane”, it could have been a great vision as a movie. Still hope it will be made someday. “Pendragon Rising”, “Ill Met by Moonlight”, “Tinsel”, “A Minus Touch”, “Conspiracy of Silence” followed as an explosive mixture of suspense, stylish horror, mystery and even gave me creeps.
    Although I watched both “Red Lines” and “On Edge” I was very curious to read their screenplays – perhaps to find some differences or omissions and it was also a treat, as if you’re reading “book 3d” where you imagine the picture through familiar lines. I can only wish the other screenplays to turn into movies soon, as they are also brilliant! “10:15 Saturday Night”, “Hair of the Dog”, “Time is a Ghost”, and a rather bloody and sensual “Love Will Tear Us Apart” seem missing links of a superb chain started with the first two.
    So I can only wish the author of this book great and undying inspiration for the creations as good as this one and even better! Highly recommended to all who love horror at its best and search for the book they’ll read without a pause until the last page is turned.

    Btw, could you please ground some rumors I’ve heard? Is that true, that “Urbane” exists as a graphic novel? Is it possible to find it somewhere?

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