(UPDATED) Ill Met By Kindlelight

UPDATE (Dec 2010): Please DO NOT purchase “Ill Met By Moonlight” as the author’s contract with the publisher is over and the publisher Ghostwriter Publications is no longer authorized to sell this work.

The author will not be paid if you purchase this ebook!

You can read the full contents plus more stories in the collection “Urbane and Other Horror Tales” – all for the same low price, please go to Frazer Lee’s author page at: http://www.amazon.com/Frazer-Lee/e/B002L2PVAE or http://www.amazon.co.uk/Frazer-Lee/e/B002L2PVAE Thanks.

==== original post follows====

I’m sure you’re familiar with the penny dreadfuls of yesteryear, also known as ‘chapbooks’.

Well, dear reader, this new-fangled 21st century ushers in the era of the ‘eChap’… and with it, the digital publication in Kindle format of ‘Ill Met By Moonlight’.

My volume in the Ghostwriter Publications eChap series also includes the story ‘Pendragon Rising’ and the ebook download is available now from Amazon.com, Amazon UK and Barnes and Noble.

I’m new to the (already very crowded) ebook arena but if this one’s a success you’ll no doubt see more of my titles published in pixels.

So if you do pick one up, I’d be very grateful if you could scribble a quick Amazon review, click on the ‘star rating’, recommend it to your friends/groups, or anything at all to spread the word, thanks!

Always good to try new things… and on that note, Horror Reanimated just published a very interesting article, by Donna Condon of Piatkus, on how authors may have to ‘adapt or die’ in the current publishing climate.


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