Red Lines in the Dead Of Night

Last October, groovy London film society Crystal Palace Pictures screened my short ‘On Edge‘ before the main feature (‘Let The Right One In‘) and I did a Q&A, with some really excellent questions from the film buffs in attendance.

This time around they are showing the Ealing classic ‘Dead Of Night‘ – a portmanteau of chilling stories from a time when the mere suggestion of atmospheric chills was enough to frighten the wits out of cinemagoers. If you haven’t seen this gem, I suggest you seek it out. Or the ventriloquist’s dummy will seek you out…

I’m ‘Dead pleased’ (…sorry for the awful pun) that my short ‘Red Lines‘ will play before the main feature tonight. And if there are any ‘Q’s, I’ll hopefully be providing some ‘A’s. See you there, if you dare.

‘Dead Of Night’ clip:


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writer/director: On Edge, Red Lines, The Stay. screenwriter: Simone, Panic Button. bram stoker award nominated author: The Lamplighters, The Lucifer Glass, The Jack in the Green. View all posts by frazerlee

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