Reasons to love the 21st century: Dynamo Player

‘On Edge’ and ‘Red Lines’, my horror shorts starring Doug Bradley, are available to watch online through various outlets (and in varying levels of quality), which has helped build an audience and garner reviews – but without any revenue for the filmmaker.

Paying audiences purchased the full DVD version with extras (thank you!) and with the advent of VOD this material was also made available for online viewing via – but in the USA only.

Now comes Dynamo Player, referred to as a “game changer” by Guerilla Filmmaker’s Handbook entrepreneur Chris Jones (who also offers some good follow-up feedback and advice for filmmakers here and here). Basically, this new player enables filmmakers to rent out their movies and DVD extras as online “programs” viewable by anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world willing to pay less than a couple of bucks for the privilege. It remains to be seen whether or not the profit share scheme offered by such online players will achieve enough revenue for guys like me to fund new films with the proceeds – and that’s where you come in…
If you fancy checking out ‘On Edge’, ‘Red Lines’ and extras including an exclusive 17min on-set interview with Doug Bradley, follow THIS LINK (free preview available & if you rent, all the material is yours for 7 days).

Why should you rent? Good question 🙂 Here are some FAQs:

Q. Why should I rent? I can watch these movies on YouTube right?
A. Hopefully the extra features (including that cool 17min interview with Doug Bradley) will be enough of a draw for you. The video quality is better than on YouTube. And if enough people rent, the proceeds will go toward funding a new movie (& imagine how good you’ll feel about that 🙂

Q. It’ll be a pain in the ass to pay though?
A. Nope, use your PayPal or Amazon account and you’re good to go.

Q. What if I have technical issues with Dynamo Player?
A. Get in touch with the Dynamo dudes at

Q. I’d rather not?
A. Damn your eyes! I mean I respect your decision, but… damn your eyes! 😉

Let’s see if this really is an online game changer for indie filmmakers & their audiences – I welcome your comments on whether or not you’d be happy to rent this stuff online (assuming you’re not one of those kind people who purchased a DVD copy already) – and how it goes for you if you do take the plunge.

And as always, thanks for watching, wherever you are watching…


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