Panic at the AFM

Here’s wishing the Panic Button production team lots of sales ops at the American Film Market where the movie screens today.

Check out the movie’s official site for this and other screening details, and a new poster created especially for the AFM:

Panic Button AFM poster

Panic Button AFM poster

Still on topic, the folks over at the Panic Button’s Facebook just posted this photo, which made me smile:

smell the fear! the Panic Button team check out the movie novelization

smell the fear! the Panic Button team check out the movie novelization

Yes folks, the proof copy of the Panic Button movie novelization has arrived at their offices! More about the book soon, meantime I urge you to check out viral site for some social networking satire and a few treats and surprises. could well become your alternative to that other well-known social networking site, which is allegedly under threat from hacking group ‘Anonymous’. Hmmm, wonder who ‘Anonymous’ might be? And are they on Google+….?

Meantime, Panic Button releases on DVD and Bluray in the UK via CineBritannia, November 7th. It will be available as VOD on Sky Movies Box Office from Nov 7th.

For more info about Panic Button, check out my new page dedicated to the movie and forthcoming novel.

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