The Lamplighters: news digest!

Wow, what a week it’s been for The Lamplighters!

The ebook held the #1 spot in Samhain Publishing’s Horror Bestsellers for 10 days since its release on November 1st.

The first review of The Lamplighters came in and it’s a goody!

I did a guest blog about all things Lamplighters at The Top Shelf, my thanks to Misty Rayburn:

Then, my publisher Samhain got in touch and informed me I was “voted a close 2nd to Ramsey Campbell in their favorite horror author election.” I had no idea! Thanks to all the kind readers who voted, and am looking forward to cosying up in my Samhain Horror hoodie while working on my next book 🙂

"*model not included" dammit. she looks like she could keep a feller cosy!

And hey, if you’d like to win a Samhain Book Voucher worth $5 to spend on The Lamplighters or any other title, just ‘like’ this Facebook page. Go there now and do it folks. The winner will be drawn at random on November 13th.

Last but not least, a 2-page ad for the Samhain Horror line appeared in HorrorHound #32, go here to see a snapshot in all its glory.

What’s next? Well, the movie novelization of ‘Panic Button‘ (out now on UK DVD/Blu-ray to tons of great reviews) is coming soon, and I am working on book #3 along with new feature film projects. Yup, as the freezing English fog draws in, that hoodie is gonna be very handy!

‘Til next slime, take scare my f(r)iends.

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