Panic Button: Update Top Ranking


Sorry to bang on about it (yeah, i’ll get back to the washing up just as soon as i’ve posted this, i promise!) but it has come to my attention that Panic Button is not only #31 on the whole of the IMDb listings, but is also today the 2nd most popular Horror title and the 8th most popular Thriller – and that’s globally folks.

Once again, congrats to the entire team: Producers, director, cast, crew – this is quite unprecedented for a low-budget, truly independent film that was created on a budget of only £300k and a whole lot of blood, sweat and toil.

Well done guys!

Here are those (November 16th 2011) IMDb top 10s in full (always interesting to see the occasional crossover between the horror/thriller genres):

1. 11-11-11 (2011)
2.Panic Button (2011)
3.Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)
4.Apollo 18 (2011)
5.Shark Night 3D (2011)
6.Red State (2011)
7.The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011)
8.Insidious (2010)
9.The Thing (2011)
10.Underworld Awakening (2012)

1.11-11-11 (2011)
2.In Time (2011)
3.Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)
4.The Rum Diary (2011)
5.The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
6.Drive (2011)
7.Killer Elite (2011)
8.Panic Button (2011)
9.The Hunger Games (2012)
10.Apollo 18 (2011)

Panic Button is out now on DVD and Bluray in the UK from Cine-Britannia.

Okay, fanfare over, time to get back to that washing up – now where’d i leave my marigolds?


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