Amazing Samhain author Jonathan Janz interviewed me for his blog – cheers J.J.!

Jonathan Janz

Frazer Lee is one talented dude. He also happens to be hard-working, versatile, and very down-to-earth. Talking to him, you’d never guess that he wrote the screenplay for Panic Button, which is only one of the most talked-about suspense movies of the year.

He also wrote a book called The Lamplighters(published by Don D’Auria and Samhain Horror), a bloodcurdling affair with twists, turns, and a villain that will haunt your nightmares. If you haven’t read it yet, you should. And if you still don’t believe me, just read the interview below. Afterward, I suspect more than a few of you will want to read Frazer’s work and experience his chilling world…

1. You’re both an author and a filmmaker. A question I kept pondering as I read The Lamplighters was how many characteristics do novel-writing and screenwriting share? When you write a scene in a novel, do you…

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