The Lucifer Glass – unofficial soundtrack blog post #6 (of 6)

In celebration of The Lucifer Glass release day I’ve been posting a series of tunes* throughout the day that make up the ‘unofficial soundtrack’ for the novella.

So raise a glass with me one more time and turn the volume up to 13.

Track #6 – Our final track for today, and as we roll end credits I’d like to thank you for reading/listening/putting up with my multiple posts.

And thanks for all the tweets, messages, likes & comments, I appreciate it.

Bottoms up! Raise that glass, and raise it all to Hell!

whiskey gin and brandy
with a glass I’m pretty handy
I’m tryin’ to walk a straight line
on sour mash and cheap wine
so join me for a drink boys
we gonna make a big noise
so don’t worry ’bout tomorrow
take it today
forget about the cheque we’ll get hell to pay
have a drink on me

(Angus Young / Malcolm Young / Brian Johnson)

The Lucifer Glass is published today. To read an excerpt, click here.


(*disclaimer – all music is copyright original owners)

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