The Top 13 Samhain Horror Novels

A huge honour to be included on HNR’s list of the Top 13 Samhain Horrors with such fine writers and their works.

Thanks to Matt Molgaard and all at Horror Novel Reviews!

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Matt Molgaard

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Samhain. They’ve been putting out a number of quality novels and novellas over the last few years, and genre fans should be taking notice. With an eclectic lineup of tales, there’s little time to find yourself tangling with boredom. You’ve just got to know precisely what stories to seek out!

Greg F. Gifune – A View from the Lake: Excellent visualizing from Gifune helps elevate a tale that already boasts amazing atmosphere and a great – even if not entirely original – concept. A View from the Lake will give you the chills


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Eric Red – It Waits Below: A great exploration of the terrors that lurk deep beneath the surface, It Waits Below is actually a diverse story. There’s a little bit of ramance, some claustrophobia, underwater terror and a terrorist attack…

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