Frazer Lee ‘The Skintaker’ Review

I think he likes it… Horror Novel Reviews gives The Skintaker a 5 star review!

Thanks to Wesley Thomas, Matt Molgaard & all at the awesome Horror Novel Reviews.

(The Skintaker is published by Samhain Horror in ebook & paperback, April 7th 2015)

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Wesley Thomas 

Childhood trauma starts this immense novel with a powerful, fiery opening. A phenomenon in horror fiction that is truly chilling. Frazer offers the reader so much more than a book, he guarantees an experience.

After a tragic accident that kills both of her parents, Rosie is left under the supervision of her aunt and uncle. But this is no fairytale, neither aunt nor uncle are loving, caring or generous. They are simply doing the Christian thing by taking her in. Rosie also suffers from a skin condition triggered by heat, and you sympathize greatly with her because of this. Especially when they head for the Amazon so her uncle can renovate a chapel and spread the word of God as far and wide as possible, Amazonians not being an exception. But neither of them have prepared for the tropical terror hidden in the Amazon.

A sensory…

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