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writer/director: On Edge, Red Lines, The Stay. screenwriter: Simone, Panic Button. bram stoker award nominated author: The Lamplighters, The Lucifer Glass, The Jack in the Green.

#TheStayMovie – first VFX shot revealed

Check out a sneaky peak of my new horror movie THE STAY at the official film blog:

#TheStayMovie – first VFX shot revealed.

“Prepare for a thrill-ride of epically gory and horrendous proportions” – Lamplighters gets the 5-star review treatment


Thanks to Mallory Heart for this stonking 5-star review of my horror novel The Lamplighters:

“prepare for a thrill-ride of epically gory and horrendous proportions. Fasten your seat belt and hold on tight, as Frazer Lee takes you — away”

Read the full review at:

The Skintaker - a prequel to Bram Stoker Award® Finalist The Lamplighters is out in ebook and paperback, April 7th 2015


The Jack in the Green gets a 5-star review: “Implacable, gruesome, nature horror”

Thrilled to receive a 5-star review from Mallory Heart Reviews:

Gruesome horror of the classic bent–wrapped in millennia-old paganism, Nature “red in tooth and claw,” (as Wordsworth depicted)–unfolding characters, raw terror, mix into one exciting, adventurous tale.

Read the full review at Amazon
and Goodreads

Have you read The Jack in the Green? I’d love to read your review too, so get posting & let me know what you thought of the book!


R.I.P. Edgar Froese, Tangerine Dream founder


So sad to hear that we lost Edgar Froese today, who died aged 70.

I was lucky to see him play live with Tangerine Dream twice and even luckier to meet him briefly one rainy night in London. He was a gracious, gentle man. And the music…that throbbing, pulsating, organic machine sound that is TD’s and TD’s only. It has been the soundtrack to so much of my writing over the years and i’m grateful for it. Ever since my teacher played Phaedra to us in class (a tradition I have continued in the classes I now teach) Edgar’s visionary soundscapes have provided an engine for my dreams and nightmares. I particularly love the film scores – in tribute I’ve shared three faves below.

A pioneer of electronic music, Edgar’s passing will be mourned by fans worldwide.

In his words:

“There is no death, there is just a change of our cosmic address.” (Edgar Froese)

King for a Year, Fan for a Lifetime #Kingforayear

I’m excited to be part of the King for a Year project, which will see 52 writers discuss 52 Stephen King books throughout 2015.

Read more about the project and the people involved at Mark West’s blog.

And be sure to catch up with the excellent entries so far at the official King For A Year site.

So which Stephen King book will I be celebrating? Well, let’s just say I’d hate to keep you fully in the dark… ;)

Frazer Lee ‘The Skintaker’ Review


I think he likes it… Horror Novel Reviews gives The Skintaker a 5 star review!

Thanks to Wesley Thomas, Matt Molgaard & all at the awesome Horror Novel Reviews.

(The Skintaker is published by Samhain Horror in ebook & paperback, April 7th 2015)

Originally posted on Horror Novel Reviews:

Written by: Wesley Thomas 

Childhood trauma starts this immense novel with a powerful, fiery opening. A phenomenon in horror fiction that is truly chilling. Frazer offers the reader so much more than a book, he guarantees an experience.

After a tragic accident that kills both of her parents, Rosie is left under the supervision of her aunt and uncle. But this is no fairytale, neither aunt nor uncle are loving, caring or generous. They are simply doing the Christian thing by taking her in. Rosie also suffers from a skin condition triggered by heat, and you sympathize greatly with her because of this. Especially when they head for the Amazon so her uncle can renovate a chapel and spread the word of God as far and wide as possible, Amazonians not being an exception. But neither of them have prepared for the tropical terror hidden in the Amazon.

A sensory…

View original 542 more words

The Top 13 Samhain Horror Novels


A huge honour to be included on HNR’s list of the Top 13 Samhain Horrors with such fine writers and their works.

Thanks to Matt Molgaard and all at Horror Novel Reviews!

Originally posted on Horror Novel Reviews:

Written by: Matt Molgaard

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Samhain. They’ve been putting out a number of quality novels and novellas over the last few years, and genre fans should be taking notice. With an eclectic lineup of tales, there’s little time to find yourself tangling with boredom. You’ve just got to know precisely what stories to seek out!

Greg F. Gifune – A View from the Lake: Excellent visualizing from Gifune helps elevate a tale that already boasts amazing atmosphere and a great – even if not entirely original – concept. A View from the Lake will give you the chills


order it here.

Eric Red – It Waits Below: A great exploration of the terrors that lurk deep beneath the surface, It Waits Below is actually a diverse story. There’s a little bit of ramance, some claustrophobia, underwater terror and a terrorist attack…

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