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I’d like to wish all my f( r )iends and followers a very Happy New Fear 2016 with some discounted January chills.

Winner, Best Atmosphere – Independent Horror Movie Awards

The Stay Dvd starring Daniela Finley

includes 1 hour of extra features
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Winner, Best Horror Short – Dragon*con
Winner, Best Short – Fearless Tales Genre Festival

On Edge and red Lines DVD starring Doug Bradley

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30% OFF On Edge + Red Lines DVD
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World Horror Con 2015 Schedule

Hey F(r)iends, i’m looking forward to seeing some of you at the 25th Anniversary World Horror Convention & Bram Stoker Awards® Weekend in Atlanta, 7-10 May.

The programmers have put together a dazzling array of panels and events – I wish I could attend every single one.

(My schedule of panels, readings, screenings etc. is below.)

Please note, the Mass Signing Event is open to the public, so even if you’re not around for the whole convention do come along on the Friday for books and authors galore.

And my publisher, Samhain Horror, will be in the dealers’ room all weekend with a coffin load of scary books.

– it will be great to see you there!




NOON-1 PM Media: WHCFILM: Beyond the Edge: Screenwriting Without Frontiers – REDHOOK

In order to scare or disturb an audience, and to tell a horrifying story that will resonate, a screenwriter must be willing to scare and disturb themselves first. This panel will explore screenwriting that willingly goes over the edge, as well as navigating the desires and demands of producers and studios within the realities of Hollywood and independent film.

Moderator: Ryan Lieske. Panelists: John Farris, Andrew S. Fuller, Daniel Knauf, Frazer Lee, Rena Mason

1-2 PM           Media: WHCFILM: World Premiere: THE STAY and Other Short Films From the Dark Imagination of Frazer Lee – REDHOOK

On Edge (Dir./Scr. Frazer Lee, 15 min)

Impatient patient Thurlow (Charley Boorman) gets more than he bargained for in Doctor Matthews’ (Doug Bradley) dentist’s chair. Winner of Best Horror Short, Dragon*Con.

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0194211/

Red Lines (Dir./Scr. Frazer Lee, 7 min)

Unruly schoolgirl Emily (Kirsty Levett) learns the disturbing secret of the red lines in detention under the watchful eye of her Teacher (Doug Bradley). Winner of Best Short, Fearless Tales Genre Festival.

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0345851/

The Stay (Dir./Scr. Frazer Lee, 9 min)

A young holidaymaker (Daniela Finley) checks into a secluded rental cottage and discovers that some vacations stay with you…forever. WORLD PREMIERE – WORLD HORROR CON ATLANTA 2015.

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4599410/

Introduced & Q&A: Frazer Lee.

5-6 PM            Panel: WHCFILM: Filmmakers Lounge

Filmmakers and presenters from Thursday night’s and today’s World Horror Con Film Festival programming get together for a casual meet and greet with each other and attendees. Listen to them talk shop and ask questions about the scary and fun parts of making horror movies.

Moderator: Thomas Sipos. Panelists: Daniel Griffith, Lynne Hansen, Daniel Knauf, Frazer Lee, Ryan Lieske, John Skipp

6:30-8 PM       Mass Author Signing – THE BARRENS

Convention guests and attending authors will be available to sign their books.

The PUBLIC are also cordially invited to attend, free of charge!



12:30-1 PM     Reading: Frazer Lee – INNSMOUTH



NOON-1 PM   Panel: WORLDHORROR: International/Global Horror: Books and Films You May Have Missed This Year – SARNACH

Our panelists share their favorite novels, anthologies, collections, and stories published outside the USA in 2014, as well as the best in last year’s global horror cinema. They may even give you some hints as to what releases they are most looking forward to in 2015.

Moderator: Mandy Slater. Panelists: Aaron Dries, Frazer Lee, Usman T. Malik, Lisa Tuttle




The Curse of the First Time Director

A few thoughts on filmmaking today, inspired by recent events and trends.

In addition to my screenwriting, novel writing and short stories, I also directed a couple of short films; On Edge (1999), Red Lines (2002) both with the now defunct Robber Baron Productions, and some TV promos; True Horror With Anthony Head (Discovery Channel, 2004).

So, I haven’t directed anything in eight years, and am often asked the question, in interviews and Q&As, why not?

Naive (and much younger) me thought that making a couple of award-winning shorts would pave the way to feature directing. Not so. I have scratched a living these past 8 years as a screenwriter/script doctor, secretly hoping those credits would also stand me in good stead for a feature debut. No dice, as yet.

It’s certainly not for lack of trying. Over the past decade I’ve had a number of potentially brilliant feature length projects in the works, writing and polishing and rewriting dozens of screenplay drafts for each at the behest of producers and executives keen on shaping the project to the demands of the marketplace.

Truth is, financing a movie seems to be the most difficult thing on earth. I recently completed a round of talks about one of my screenplays to which I’m attached as director and I was told point blank, by the producer that not one of his investors would risk financing a movie with a first time director attached – too risky.

So how do first time directors get to cut their first feature if no-one is willing to risk taking a punt on them? Surely the film biz is one built entirely on risk? “Nobody knows anything,” William Goldman reminds us – and even a seasoned director can make a turkey. It’s a frustrating chicken and egg situation and the longer it goes on, the greater the (perceived) risk.

All the meetings I’ve taken, all the unsuccessful funding applications I’ve made (for shorts and features) have taught me one thing – one simple, inconvenient truth: 

Movies cost money – and it is usually someone else’s money. Even if you go down the microbudget route, you have to pay insurance for your shoot, catering for your cast and crew, transportation costs, etc., etc.

Add to that the growing trend in the movie business; first-timers get it done for free. “Just pick up a camera and shoot” is an approach that has worked for some, sure. But it sets a precedent. First timers are expected to self-finance and prove themselves, screenplays are expected to be optioned for free. This is a difficult environment for anyone who has a family to support, bills to pay. It’s “a game for the young” as wise old Admiral James T. Kirk once said.

After reading Christopher Fowler’s revealing blog post on the subject of “the death of the script“, it seems the new wave of first-timers are eschewing a script entirely in favour of improvised microbudgeters, edited on-set on laptops. No risk to anyone else, and the filmmaker (no longer a first-timer anymore) then gets hired to do studio remakes…

See, after a decade in development hell I’m becoming cynical! Maybe it is time to give up after all.

But I might just take one more meeting first.


Samhain Horror Top 10, Ginger Nuts of Horror interview

some ginger nuts, earlier today

Happy to report ‘The Lamplighters’ is in at #8 in Samhain Publishing’s Top 10 Horror Bestsellers.

Huge thanks to all of you who are pre-ordering the novel, out 1 November in ebook (and 7 February in paperback).

My interview courtesy of host Jim Mcleod at The Ginger Nuts of Horror went live today, so grab yourself a biscuit and head on over to check out chat about books, movies, coffee and ginger nuts!

More tricks & treats coming soon, including a competition to win a ‘The Lamplighters‘ ebook!

Reasons to love the 21st century: Dynamo Player

‘On Edge’ and ‘Red Lines’, my horror shorts starring Doug Bradley, are available to watch online through various outlets (and in varying levels of quality), which has helped build an audience and garner reviews – but without any revenue for the filmmaker.

Paying audiences purchased the full DVD version with extras (thank you!) and with the advent of VOD this material was also made available for online viewing via Amazon.com – but in the USA only.

Now comes Dynamo Player, referred to as a “game changer” by Guerilla Filmmaker’s Handbook entrepreneur Chris Jones (who also offers some good follow-up feedback and advice for filmmakers here and here). Basically, this new player enables filmmakers to rent out their movies and DVD extras as online “programs” viewable by anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world willing to pay less than a couple of bucks for the privilege. It remains to be seen whether or not the profit share scheme offered by such online players will achieve enough revenue for guys like me to fund new films with the proceeds – and that’s where you come in…
If you fancy checking out ‘On Edge’, ‘Red Lines’ and extras including an exclusive 17min on-set interview with Doug Bradley, follow THIS LINK (free preview available & if you rent, all the material is yours for 7 days).

Why should you rent? Good question 🙂 Here are some FAQs:

Q. Why should I rent? I can watch these movies on YouTube right?
A. Hopefully the extra features (including that cool 17min interview with Doug Bradley) will be enough of a draw for you. The video quality is better than on YouTube. And if enough people rent, the proceeds will go toward funding a new movie (& imagine how good you’ll feel about that 🙂

Q. It’ll be a pain in the ass to pay though?
A. Nope, use your PayPal or Amazon account and you’re good to go.

Q. What if I have technical issues with Dynamo Player?
A. Get in touch with the Dynamo dudes at support@dynamoplayer.com

Q. I’d rather not?
A. Damn your eyes! I mean I respect your decision, but… damn your eyes! 😉

Let’s see if this really is an online game changer for indie filmmakers & their audiences – I welcome your comments on whether or not you’d be happy to rent this stuff online (assuming you’re not one of those kind people who purchased a DVD copy already) – and how it goes for you if you do take the plunge.

And as always, thanks for watching, wherever you are watching…

Vote Red Lines!*

Openfilm ‘Get It Made’ Contest

This cool online short film contest (supported by Hollywood star James Caan) will award $250,000 in feature film funding to one lucky winner. The Top 6 films (by user votes) will go to a Judging Panel. Voting ends July 31st 2010.

My entry is supernatural school detention shocker ‘Red Lines’, featuring Hellraiser icon Doug Bradley. The film won Best Short & Director at Fearless Tales Genre Festival USA and gave legendary director Tobe Hooper (and I quote) “the total creeps”. If you’d like the film to have a chance of going feature-length, please vote* for it here:


*Apologies, there’s a brief free signup required to vote. And before I get accused of vote rigging, please note there are tons of other movies to vote for on the Openfilm site 🙂