Frazer Lee plays The Gothic Game
(Jim McLeod, The Ginger Nuts of Horror)

The best books that make you the inmate of a sinister institution

Top 5 Spooky Halloween Games
(Meghan’s Haunted House of Books)

Greyfriars Reformatory book launch – live reading & Q&A
(Brunel Writers & Hillingdon Literary Festival presents)

Dark Dozen Presents: Frazer Lee
(Uncomfortably Dark)

Graveyard Shift: Frazer Lee (interview/feature)
(Kendall Reviews)

Halloween Haunts: ‘You don’t have to be mad to work here but it helps’ by Frazer Lee
(Horror Writers Association)

Fantasy & Gothic Blog: Greyfriars Reformatory – Frazer Lee Q&A
(Flame Tree Press)

Thoroughly Modern Hauntings: How ghost stories keep finding new ways to haunt us
(Frazer Lee, CrimeReads)

An Evening With Horror Writer Frazer Lee
Becca Arlington (The Brunel Times)

Fantasy & Gothic Blog: Hearthstone Cottage – Frazer Lee Q&A
– Frazer Lee Q&A

Halloween Extravaganza: Frazer Lee: The Folk Horror of Memory & Place in Hearthstone Cottage
(Meghan’s House of Books)

Halloween Extravaganza: INTERVIEW: Frazer Lee
(Meghan’s House of Books)

Halloween Haunts: Setting, The Other Character by Frazer Lee
(Horror Writers Association)

Author/Director Interview – Frazer Lee
(Gaby Triana, The Witch Haunt)

Ghost Stories For Christmas Returns From the Grave
(Frazer Lee, Higgypop)

The Scariest Horror Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen
(Frazer Lee, Higgypop)

Authors to Watch: Frazer Lee
(Erin Miskell, SQ Magazine)

La Legada Vivo! With Frazer Lee
(Ryan Lieske, Nepara Cool Mondo)

Frazer Lee: Horror Novelist and Scriptwriter (Without a Tweed Jacket)
Stuart R. West (Twisted Tales From Tornado Alley)

Horror Happens Radio Show interview
Jay Kay (HHRS live broadcast, November 17th 2015)

Frazer Lee on Adapting to the Changing Face of Media as a Writer
Amanda Pleau (Mash Stories)

British Fantasy Society – Open night with guest author Frazer Lee
Martin Roberts (British Fantasy Society)

Halloween Haunts – A feast of fear by Frazer Lee
(Horror Writers Association)

Accomplished Screenwriter, Director, and Author Frazer Lee Discusses His Newest Novella, Writing, and His Pesky Eating Habits
Erin Al-Mehairi (Oh, for the HOOK of a BOOK!)

Halloween Haunts: Samhain Stories by Frazer Lee
(Horror Writers Association)

Don’t Panic – interview with Panic Button writer Frazer Lee
Paul Mount (Starburst Magazine)

This Is Horror: Frazer Lee
– Part 1

– Part 2
Jim McLeod

Trouble in Paradise: An Interview with Frazer Lee
Pat Dreadful (Dreadful Tales)

Interview with Author, Screenwriter & Horror Movie Director Frazer Lee
Brian Moreland

March Madness – Frazer Lee
Gabriella Hewitt

American Chronicle – Writer of the Month: Frazer Lee
Christina Kiplinger-Johns

Q&A: Frazer Lee
Julie Morrigan

An Interview with Frazer Lee, Author of The Lamplighters
Jonathan Janz

An Interview with Author/Director Frazer Lee
Hunter Shea

Horrorbid Interview with ‘Panic Button’ scribe Frazer Lee
Matt Molgaard

GINGER NUTS OF HORROR: An Interview With Frazer Lee
The Ginger Nuts of Horror 2011

Samhain: Celebrating Horror’s New Fiction (incl. ‘The Lamplighters’ by Frazer Lee)
Fangoria 2011

Alan Jones’ Top 5 FrightFest Picks (incl. ‘Panic Button’ at #1 !)
Film4 2011

Frazer Lee 1 Minute Interview
Denise Gosset, Shriekfest June Newsletter 2011

Frazer Lee interview by Keri O’Shea
Brutal As Hell 2010

Frazer Lee interview by Maarten Bouw
Straight2DVD 2010

Fangoria article by Michael Gingold (‘Panic Button’ + ‘Simone’)
Fangoria 2010

Urbane and Other Horror Tales book review by Peter Mark May
The Novel Blog 2009

Frazer Lee interview by Joseph D’Lacey
Horror Reanimated 2008

Frazer Lee’s ‘Tinsel’ reviewed by Mathew F. Riley
(in ‘Read By Dawn III’ review, BookGeeks 2008)

Frazer Lee’s ‘Urbane and Other Horror Tales’ book reviewed by Patrick Thompson
Necrocarnival 2008

Frazer Lee’s ‘Urbane and Other Horror Tales’ book reviewed by Gioeli 2005

Frazer Lee interviewed by Athena Schaffer
Crowgrrl’s Perch 2006

Frazer Lee interviewed by TheAngryPrincess
Horror Society 2006

Frazer Lee Interviewed by Owen Keehnen
Racks & Razors 2005

Frazer Lee Interviewed by Dan Murphy
HM&M 2005

Frazer Lee interviewed by Bob Bankard
Philly Burbs 2005

Frazer Lee Interview
Nocturne Magazine 2, 2005

Frazer Lee Interviewed by Shane Diablo
World Horror Network 2005

Frazer Lee Interviewed by Karine
OhMyGore 2005

Looking Away to See: Frazer Lee’s Duty of Care Films
by Patricia MacCormack, Senses of Cinema 2004

Frazer Lee interview by Destiny West
Terror Tales 2004

Discover the mystery of the Red Lines
Bite Me Magazine 2003

Dead by Dawn – The Film House Edinburgh
Bite Me Magazine 2003

On Edge with Brit Director Frazer Lee
Firelight Shocks Magazine 2003

Frazer Lee interviewed by M J Simpson 2003
(Cult films & the people who make them)

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