The Daniel Gates Adventures

“A masterful collection of paranormal adventure…I highly recommend this collection if you want a really fun, action packed, occult-paranormal tale.” (Steve Stred, Kendall Reviews)

THE DANIEL GATES ADVENTURES is a series of four critically acclaimed occult horror novellas in two volumes by Bram Stoker Award® Finalist Frazer Lee.



“It may cost you your soul.”
Daniel Gates is a fixer. Whatever his client wants, he can get – for a price. But the price of his latest assignment is a high one indeed. He is to travel to Scotland to exchange a rare demonic text, a grimoire, for a consignment of even rarer whiskey. Reading the grimoire, Gates learns of the legend of Lucifer’s Glass and the unholy trinity of green-eyed demons who protect it. As he does battle with the demons, Daniel realizes too late that there is much more to his assignment than meets the eye. He is locked in a struggle to save his very soul from damnation.


“Do not gaze into its secrets.”
Daniel Gates’s last assignment involving a rare demonic book left him plagued by hideous nightmares, which are about to get even worse. When a page is stolen from Choronzon’s Grimoire, Daniel is sent to the wilds of North Wales to retrieve it for his mysterious client. But the stolen page contains dark, occult secrets, and he finds to his peril that he is not the only one desperate to find it. Daniel’s journey takes him to the very brink of madness and to the demons that await—beyond the Leper Window.



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“In darkness, truth lies.”
Daniel Gates’ adventure with the ancient demonic tome, Choronzon’s Grimoire, leads him back to an old friend in Turin, Italy. To be rid of the cursed book he must first face his nemesis, the sinister and scheming Baron Perdurabo. But Daniel is transported to the Beyond, and driven to the edge of his sanity, when he discovers a devastating secret behind the obsidian glass of The Lilyth Mirror.


“Speak his name, and enter.”
Reeling from the shock of his adventure with the Lilyth Mirror, Daniel Gates discovers a clue to the truth behind Choronzon’s Grimoire. Pursued by his demons, Daniel must unearth a secret buried at the dark heart of occultism. Daniel’s descent into mystery could be a step closer to redemption—or damnation—by the strange forces lurking beyond The Lucifer Gate.

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Praise for THE DANIEL GATES ADVENTURES series by Frazer Lee

“Lee is a supreme talent when it comes to building a sense of atmosphere and that is evident not only in The Lucifer Glass, but his other works as well.Lee has at least another two books planned in the Daniel Gates universe, but I hope the stories continue well beyond that!”
The Horror Bookshelf)

“Confident, collected and entertaining, The Lucifer Glass is a page-turner”
(Keri O’Shea, Brutal As Hell)

“The Lucifer Glass encouraged me to care about what happens to Daniel long before anything scary happens to him. I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who loves the subtleties of psychological horror but isn’t averse to a little gore.”    (Long And Short Reviews)

Lee’s true talent as a writer shines through every page as he takes Daniel and the reader into the mother of all head trips… I can’t wait for the next novella in the series. I may just hop on a plane and head to England so I can knock on Frazer’s door and demand an advance copy. Trust me, you’ll feel the same way, too.
(Hunter Shea, Horror Novel Reviews)

A “deliciously twisted tale (by) master of the macabre Frazer Lee”
(Athena Schaffer, Crowgrrl Entertainment Source)

“The Lucifer Glass has a Twilight Zone feel to it that makes you question what is imagined and what is real. I’ll definitely read something by Frazer Lee again.”
Horror After Dark)

“Demons, chills, and superb writing.”
(Cat After Dark Book Reviews)

“Utterly chilling”
(Horror Underground)

‘The Leper Window is an interesting and creepy work…it packs an eerie punch’
The Novel Pursuit)

“The novella has a very strong sense of location as well as an almost palpable sense of doom that engulfs the story and gives it the feel of an older horror work by writers such as H.P Lovecraft or M.R. James. For fans of classic horror, ‘The Leper Window’ is sure to be a treat and a break from the norm in the current horror genre.” (Examiner)

“Bram Stoker Award nominee Frazer Lee delivers again in this novella that expertly blends horror and mystery, relying more on suspense than gore to keep the reader engaged, as only a master of the craft can.”
(5 out of 5 stars – Russell James, author of Q Island)

“The Leper Window is a mysterious thrill ride into the unknown”
(Horror Maiden’s Book Reviews)