About Bram Stoker Award® Finalist Frazer Lee:


BP Finalist Selection (alt)

FRAZER LEE is a novelist, screenwriter and filmmaker.

Film credits include acclaimed horror/thriller feature Panic Button, and multi-award winning shorts: On Edge, Red Lines, Simone, The Stay (Edgar Allan Poe Gothic Filmmaker Award Winner), and True Horror with Anthony Head (TV promo campaign director for Discovery Channel series).

Novels include: The Lamplighters (Bram Stoker Award®, finalist for ‘Superior Achievement in a First Novel’), Panic Button: Official Movie Novelisation (Amazon No. 1 Horror/thriller novel),The Jack in the Green, The Skintaker, Hearthstone Cottage (Amazon No. 1 Celtic horror novel), Greyfriars Reformatory, and The Daniel Gates Adventures novella series.

Frazer acts as a screenwriting and story consultant for Movie Mogul, The Asylum, Mediente International, eMotion, and Vanquish Alliance Entertainment, and was voted a Top 12 UK director in MySpace.com’s Movie Mash-up contest by representatives from 20th Century Fox, Vertigo Films and Film Four.

He is also the Head of Postgraduate Creative Writing at Brunel University London, and is an active member of International Thriller Writers, and the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers (IAMTW), as well as a guest speaker for London Screenwriters Festival and Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass. Frazer lives with his family across the cemetery from the actual Hammer House of Horror in Buckinghamshire.

Web links:

Official website: www.frazerlee.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/frazer_lee
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AuthorFrazerLee
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4451295.Frazer_Lee
Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Frazer-Lee/e/B002L2PVAE
IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0497281/
Vimeo reel: http://vimeo.com/user9527259


“A phenomenon in horror literature”
(Horror Novel Reviews)

“An elite voice in the genre”
(Dreadful Tales)

“Lee is a supreme talent”
(The Horror Bookshelf)

“Red Lines gave me the TOTAL CREEPS… This guy is a GREAT DIRECTOR…”
(Tobe Hooper, director of Texas Chainsaw Massacre & Poltergeist)

“ON EDGE… shows that [Frazer Lee] has a nose for gore and a sick, fetishist sensibility. RED LINES… showcases his knack for more subtle, atmospheric terror…”

“Frazer Lee is one of the best new hopes for British horror”
(M J Simpson, British Horror Revival)

“Lee’s writing is both intelligent and scary”
(Erin Miskell, SQ Horror Magazine)

Film Credits & Bibliography:

Screenplays (Produced)

On Edge (writer/director, Robber Baron Productions 1999)
Red Lines (writer/director/executive producer, Robber Baron Productions 2002)
Palazzo Massacre (script editor, Floating World Films 2009)
Simone (screenwriter, 386 Films 2010)
Panic Button (screenwriter, Movie Mogul Films 2011)
The Stay (writer/director/co-producer, Appin Films 2015)


Doctor Who: Interludes: Gobbledegook (Big Finish Productions 2023)


The Lamplighters (2011)
Panic Button – official movie novelization (2011)
The Jack in the Green (2013)
The Skintaker (2015)
Hearthstone Cottage (2019)
Greyfriars Reformatory (2020)
Damnation: The Gothic Game (2022)


Daniel Gates Adventures:
The Lucifer Glass
The Leper Window (2015)
The Lilyth Mirror (2018)
The Lucifer Gate (2018)

Short Stories

Ill Met By Moonlight (in Lighthouse Magazine Issue 2, Dec 2003)
Pendragon Rising (in Maelstrom, Calvin House 2004)
Urbane (in Lunar Harvest, paperback, Calvin House 2005 & Read By Dawn Vol. 2, Bloody Books 2007)
Conspiracy Of Silence (in Nocturne 5, Calvin House 2006)
Tinsel (in Read By Dawn Vol. 3, Bloody Books 2008)
Hair Of The Dog (in Urbane and Other Horror Tales, 2009)
The Minus Touch (in Urbane and Other Horror Tales, 2009)
Half/Life (in Urbane and Other Horror Tales, 2009)
To Take The Water Down And Go To Sleep (in The Beauty of Death Volume 2, Independent Legions 2017)
Sixpack And The Angel (in The Sixth BHF Book of Horror Stories, BHF Books 2021)
So Much To See (in The Seventh BHF Book of Horror Stories, BHF Books 2021)
Planet of the Dead (in The Unofficial Blake’s 7 Annual 2023)

Short Story Collections

Urbane and Other Horror Tales (ebook & paperback, Create Space 2009)
Ill Met By Moonlight (chapbook, Ghost Writer Publications 2009)


Some Velvet Mourning published in Horror Writers Association Poetry Showcase Volume V (ebook & paperback, Horror Writers Association 2018)

Non-fiction – CHAPTERS

“Not everything that moves, breathes and talks is alive”: Christianity, Korean Shamanism and Reincarnation in Whispering Corridors (1998) and The Wailing (2016) – published in Scared Sacred: Idolatry, Religion and Worship in the Horror Film, editors: Rebecca Booth, Valeska Griffiths, Erin Thompson, curated by: R.F. Todd (House of Leaves Publishing, 2020)

Koji Suzuki’s Ring: A world literary perspective – published in Horror Literature From Gothic to Postmodern: Critical Essays. Editors: Nicholas Diak, Michele Brittany (McFarland Publishing, 2020)

Edited Anthologies

Faeries, Fiends & Flying Saucers (Brunel University London 2017)
Wizards, Werewolves & Weird Engines (Brunel University London 2018)
Robots, Rogues & Revenants (Brunel University London 2020)
Myths, Monsters & Mayhem (Brunel University London 2021)

Awards & Nominations:

Fiction – Novels

The Lamplighters (Finalist, ‘Superior Achievement in a First Novel’, Bram Stoker Awards® 2011)
The Lamplighters (Finalist, Book Pipeline Competition 2015)

Fiction – Shorts

Pendragon Rising (Runner up, Geoffrey Ashe Prize, Library of Avalon, Glastonbury)

Film –

Highly Commended (Frazer Lee, On Edge) Fantastic Films Manchester UK 2000
Best Short Film (Frazer Lee, On Edge) Halloween Filmfest Germany 2001
Best Short Film (Frazer Lee, On Edge) (3rd) AKA Shriekfest, Los Angeles USA 2003
Highly Commended (Frazer Lee, Red Lines) Fantastic Films Manchester UK 2003
Best Short (Frazer Lee, Red Lines) Fearless Tales, San Francisco USA 2004
Best Horror Short, 1st Place (Frazer Lee, On Edge) Dragon*Con Film Festival, Atlanta USA 2009
Semi-finalist (Simone) Action/Cut Short Film Competition USA 2010
2nd Place (Simone) Filmslam Film Festival USA 2010
Award Winner (Simone) Reel Terror Film Festival USA 2010
Best Short, Audience Choice (Simone) Shockerfest USA 2010
Best Atmosphere (Frazer Lee, The Stay) Independent Horror Movie Awards USA 2015
Best Story (Frazer Lee, The Stay) Things2Fear Film Fest USA 2016
Best Short Film (Frazer Lee, The Stay) Changing Face International Film Festival, Australia 2017
Silver Award Winner (Frazer Lee, The Stay) Spotlight Horror Film Awards, USA 2017
Outstanding Directing Award (Frazer Lee, The Stay) ZedFest, Hollywood USA 2018
Outstanding Screen Story Award (Frazer Lee, The Stay) ZedFest, Hollywood USA 2018
The Edgar Allan Poe Gothic Filmmaker Award 2018 (Frazer Lee, The Stay) ZedFest, Hollywood USA 2018
Best Writer (Frazer Lee, The Stay) Couch Film Festival, Toronto Canada 2019
Best Mystery (Frazer Lee, The Stay) Hollywood Blood Horror Festival, Los Angeles USA 2019
Exemplar Award (Best Horror Film) – Creepy New Concept & Plot (Frazer Lee, The Stay) Creepy Tree Film Festival, USA 2020
Best International Film (Frazer Lee, The Stay) The Thing in the Basement Horror Fest USA 2020
Special Mention (Frazer Lee, The Stay) Vesuvius International Film Festival 2021
Best Short (Frazer Lee, The Stay) Cinestesya Film Festival 2021
Best Short (Frazer Lee, The Stay) Medusa Film Festival 2021
Silver Award (Frazer Lee, The Stay) Virgin Spring Cinefest 2021
Best Horror (Frazer Lee, The Stay) 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival 2021
Best Short Horror (Frazer Lee, The Stay) V.i.Z. Film Festival 2021
Best Horror Short (Frazer Lee, The Stay) Austin International Art Festival 2022
Best Short Horror (Frazer Lee, The Stay) Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival 2022
Best Horror Short (Frazer Lee, The Stay) Magic Silver Screen Film Festival 2022
Best Mystery Thriller (Frazer Lee, The Stay) Cyprus Horror Society Awards 2022
Best Horror (Frazer Lee, The Stay) Make Art Not Fear Internacional Film Festival 2022
Best Horror Short (Frazer Lee, The Stay) World Indie Film Awards 2023

Screenplays –

Skindred (Semifinalist, ScreenCraft Sci-fi Screenplay Contest 2016)
The Reformatory (Quarter-finalist, ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest 2017)
The Lamplighters (Semifinalist, ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest 2020)


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