The Jack in the Green

The Jack in the Green by Bram Stoker Award Finalist Frazer Lee

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OCTOBER 1st, 2013

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Praise for ‘The Jack in the Green’

“I have enjoyed all of Frazer Lee’s work, but The Jack in the Green is by far my favorite! Lee strikes the perfect balance between psychological horror…and vicious violence and gore.” (Rating: 5 out of 5 stars, The Horror Bookshelf)

“An intriguing tale filled with genuine horror and a plot that explores some very dark territory” (Rating: 4/5, Horror Novel Reviews)

“Quintessential British horror with vivid interludes of bodily trauma and mental anguish” (Keri O’Shea, Brutal As Hell)

“A romp of a book that combines pagan mythology with visceral contemporary action” (Rating: 4/5, MikaReadsHorrorFiction)

“A captivating read that weaves a spell, leading you into the Scottish countryside to a village that isn’t all that it seems. The shocking ending makes this one of the most satisfying reads of the year. Frazer Lee scores again, big time.” (Rating: 5/5, Hunter Shea, author of Forest of Shadows and Evil Eternal)

“THE JACK IN THE GREEN is a great read” (Matthew Scott Baker, Shattered Ravings)

“Come read about the ritual of The Jack in the Green…if you dare.
The main character, Tom, is both likeable and relatable with flaws and strengths. There are enough moments of gore mixed with action to appease the horror fans. I really enjoyed the ending; it hit hard and fast. Supernatural horror readers should check THE JACK IN THE GREEN out.” (Amber Keller, Fresh Fiction)

About the book

A nightmare made real.

On Christmas Eve, six year-old Tom McCrae witnessed an unspeakable atrocity that left him orphaned, his childhood in tatters. Now in his mid-thirties, Tom still has terrifying nightmares of that night. When Tom is sent to the remote Scottish village of Douglass to negotiate a land grab for his employer it seems like a golden opportunity for him to start over. But Tom can’t help feeling he’s been to Douglass before, and the terrible dreams from his childhood have begun to spill over into his waking life. As murderous events unfold and Tom’s feverish nightmares escalate, he will discover the hideous truth behind the villagers’ strange pagan ritual of The Jack in the Green.

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The Jack in the Green - get yours today!

The Jack in the Green – get your copy today!


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