Greyfriars Reformatory

Greyfriars Reformatory FINAL
“They will learn…even if it kills them”

Nineteen year-old Emily’s acute dissociative disorder causes her to be institutionalised – again – at Greyfriars Reformatory For Girls. Caught in the crossfire between brutal Principal Quick and cruel bully Saffron Chassay, Emily befriends fellow outcast Victoria. When the terrifying apparition of the mysterious ‘Gray Girl’ begins scaring the inmates to death, Emily’s disorder may be the one thing that can save her.

Welcome to Greyfriars Reformatory for Girls, an imposing experimental facility in the middle of nowhere. The perfect place to dump anti-social teenagers for treatment.

Principal Quick runs the facility with an iron fist, so the place already seems like a nightmare to the inmates, but it gets much worse when the terrifying apparition of the mysterious Gray Girl begins haunting the shadowy corridors. First, one inmate is found dead, then another. Were the deaths really a gruesome suicide and a bizarre accident, like Principal Quick says? Or were the girls frightened to death? Could the Gray Girl be responsible?

When Emily, one of the new arrivals, makes a shocking discovery down in the basement, all their lives are at stake. One by one, the Gray Girl is coming for them.

“A phenomenon in horror fiction”
– Horror Novel Reviews

“An elite voice in the genre”
– Dreadful Tales

“Lee is a supreme talent when it comes to building a sense of atmosphere”
– The Horror Bookshelf

Published October 2020 by Flame Tree Press and distributed by Simon & Schuster

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ISBN: 9781787584754

“Greyfriars Reformatory delivers on suspense and a classic asylum setting that brings to mind novels like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest…the teen characters are three-dimensional, and the story is anchored by a strong sense of atmosphere”

Chicago Review of Books

“I felt cold while reading… Atmospheric, spooky, entertaining. Easily 5 stars.
Priscilla B. Netgalley

“Lee has proven time and time again that he can write some of the creepiest scenes out there and this one didn’t let me down…Awesome stuff”

Steve Stred, Kendall Reviews

“What better read is there than a Frazer Lee story at Halloween… Scary, spine-chilling & perfect for this haunting season, I can’t recommend Greyfriars Reformatory enough” (5-stars)

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