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“Life on Meditrine Island is luxurious…but brief.”
Marla Neuborn has found the best post-grad job in the world – as a ‘Lamplighter’ working on Meditrine Island, an exclusive idyllic paradise owned and operated by a consortium of billionaires. All Lamplighters have to do is tend to the mansions, cook and clean, and turn on lights to make it appear the owners are home. But the job comes with conditions. Marla will not know the exact location of the island, and she will have no contact with the outside world for the duration of her stay.
Once on the island, Marla quickly learns the billionaire lifestyle is not all it is made out to be. The chief of security rules Meditrine with an iron fist. His private police force patrols the shores night and day, and CCTV cameras watch the Lamplighters relentlessly. Soon Marla will also discover first-hand that the island hides a terrible secret. She’ll meet the resident known as the Skin Mechanic. And she’ll find out why so few Lamplighters ever leave the island alive.

bramstokerfinalistmedallionBram Stoker Award™ Finalist for ‘Superior Achievement in a First Novel’


BP Finalist SelectionBook Pipeline Competition Finalist

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“The Skin Mechanic is one of the darkest characters I have ever had the pleasure of reading about…(Frazer Lee) not only takes you to the edge, but he shoves you into the darkest depths of true human vanity.”
(S. Siferd, Night Owl Reviews.  Reviewer’s Top Pick)

”The Skin Mechanic is destined to become one of the great monsters of modern horror” (Dave Brzeski, British Fantasy Society)

“Stoker Award nominee for Best First Novel, The Lamplighters is a disturbing book. I mean REALLY disturbing. Unsettling and ultimately a shock to the system, but I loved it! Check this book out and hope that Lee is only beginning a promising horror fiction career.”
( thebellefromhell,

THE LAMPLIGHTERS marks the emergence of Frazer Lee as an elite voice in the genre. Think the mystery of ‘Lost’ mixed with the bizarre beauty of Dario Argento and you might just be close to THE LAMPLIGHTERS.” (Pat Dreadful, Dreadful Tales)

“Frazer Lee is an author to watch. His is a remarkable first novel, and I urge you to pick this one up. I, for one, can’t wait for his second.” (Carson Buckingham, Shroud Magazine Book Reviews)

“If you think The Lamplighters starts well (and it does — very) wait until you see how it ends. Frazer Lee expertly builds up the tension, taking the reader on a hell of journey to a horrifying climax. The Skin Mechanic awaits. He will give you nightmares. Accept this as a fair price to pay for the pleasure of reading The Lamplighters.” (Julie Morrigan, author of ‘Convictions’ and ‘Heartbreaker’)

“Frazer Lee has created a truly chilling creation that will walk your nightmares for weeks to come… This tale of isolated terror on an island deserved to be part of a line up that (includes) such genre giants as Ramsey Campbell and Greg Gifune” (Top Ten Discoveries of 2011 – Jim Mcleod, Ginger Nuts of Horror)

“The Lamplighters is the real deal and Frazer Lee a new talent to keep a close eye on.” ( Hunter Shea, author of ‘Forest of Shadows’)

“Lee’s horror/mystery hybrid reimagines the Irish myth of Tír na nÓg, the land of eternal youth. Readers will want to uncover the island’s dark secrets…” (Publishers Weekly)

“Lamplighters reads like a movie. Scratch that, a nasty-ass motherfucker of a horror movie.” (Christopher Fowler, author of ‘Psychoville’, ‘Spanky’ and ‘Hell Train’)

“In The Lamplighters, Frazer Lee has written a tale of horror that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.”
( Russell R. James, author of ‘Dark Inspiration’)

“In a world with a lot of tired horror plots and sometimes over the top stereotypes, Lamplighters takes us down a new path. Lee deserves a lot of credit for creating an environment where the reader becomes invested in the storyline… This novel would be a fine addition to any horror lover’s bookshelf.”
(Michael D. Griffiths, SFReader)

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  17. Read the extract from the new book. Liking it. A mix of true horror. great descriptive writing and wit. It reminds me of the early James Herbert style of writing… easy, nice day then suspense and boom – gore! Great introduction of the [lead] character. Would make an brilliant film anyone reading this! Will write a full review after digesting the whole thing.


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